18 Jul 2022 | Updated 30 Jul 2022 [CCS]

noot submits second CCS proposal to continue developing ETH-XMR atomic swaps for 4 months

Elizabeth (noot1) has submitted a second CCS proposal2 to continue developing ETH-XMR atomic swaps for 4 months:

I would like to continue work on the ETH-XMR atomic swap implementation by adding improvements for usability and privacy, as well as general codebase maintainence.

Total funding: 162 XMR.

ETA: 4 months (TBD).

Proposed work

With her previous CCS proposal3, she has already completed an implementation of the ETH-XMR atomic swap4, deployed it to stagenet on 9 different servers and extensively tested it. An alpha release5 is available on Github.

noot has also begun to approach others regarding integrating the swap into a GUI/wallet, according to the associated discussion thread6.

To learn more about Elizabeth’s work, consult previous Monero Observer reports789.

To read, share your feedback, ask questions and support this proposal, consult !3312

Update 22/7/30: proposal closed by noot, who is planning to go with a MAGIC Monero Fund grant instead10.

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