2 Dec 2021 | Updated 9 Dec 2021 [bounties]

noot executes first ever mainnet XMR-ETH atomic swap on Arbitrum, wins bounty

noot1 has successfully executed the first ever mainnet XMR-ETH atomic swap on Arbitrum2 and won the associated bounty3:

@noot [..] this bounty has been marked completed by your contributions -Sethforprivacy4

Relevant stats

Read more about noot’s XMR-ETH atomic swap prototype on Github9 and in my previous reports1011.

Despite recent drama12 surrounding the bounty, noot isn’t interested in abandoning the Monero community, on the contrary, she is looking to submit a CCS proposal soon:

hopefully moving forward drama like this can be avoided (fingers crossed). I’m going to keep working on the swap, and plan to submit a CCS soon [..] I’m here to stay :)13

Update: noot has submitted a CCS proposal to continue developing XMR-ETH atomic swaps14.

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