9 Dec 2021 | Updated 24 Jun 2022 [CCS]

noot submits CCS proposal to develop XMR-ETH atomic swaps

noot1 has submitted a CCS proposal23 to continue developing the XMR-ETH atomic swaps prototype4:

This proposal is for the continued development of ETH-XMR atomic swaps. The milestones include continued maintence and testing of the current codebase, gas improvements, network and integration testing, and documentation.

This proposal comes after she has successfully executed the first ever mainnet XMR-ETH atomic swap on Arbitrum, as previously reported5.


  1. Maintenance of existing codebase (estimated 2 weeks)
  2. Swap contract improvements (estimated 2 weeks)
  3. DLEq integration (estimated 2-4 weeks)
  4. Integration testing (estimated 2 weeks)
  5. Network testing and infrastructure (estimated 3 weeks)
  6. Additional research and pre-print paper (2-4 weeks)
  7. UI (unspecified)
Total funding proposed: 56 XMR.

ETA: ~21 weeks.

The pre-production software release will include binaries for Linux, Windows and MacOS.

To learn more, ask questions and support this proposal, consult !2773.

Update 22/1/17: proposal was moved to funding stage6; updated milestones.

Update 22/1/18: proposal was fully funded.

Update 22/5/25: milestone #5 was completed7.

Update 22/6/12: milestone #6 was completed8.

Update 22/6/24: final milestone #7 was completed9.