30 Jun 2022 | Updated 23 Aug 2022 [dev]

Monero v15 hard fork rescheduled: August 13th 2022 at block 2688888

Monero should undergo a network upgrade (v15 HF) on August 13th 2022 at block 2688888, the devs have decided in today’s Monero Development Workgroup meeting1.

New Dates

~July 13 - 0.18 release (Fluorine Fermi)
~August 13 - Mainnet hard fork (v15)

As previously reported2, Monero was originally set to hard fork on July 16th, but the 0.18 release was delayed mainly due to hardware wallet and multi-sig audit delays.

To learn more about the reasons behind the delay, read the logs/summary for the 22 June MRL meeting3 and today’s Dev meeting1.

Consult the previous Monero Observer report4 for information about the v15 hard fork.

Update: network upgrade was completed5.