13 Aug 2022 [dev] [pinned]

Monero v15 network upgrade successful

Block 26888881 was mined and it looks like Monero’s v15 network upgrade was successful:

Block hash (height): 6bd4550a97aaba2eeab7be8cd70041ba0651e1a25300a4b963c83eb764a7149c (2688888)

The network did encounter a one-time minor issue which led to the loss of ~50 transactions at fork height:

[..] at the fork height old txs got dropped from pools because they didn’t have the minimum fee. (jberman)2

[..] we lost about 50tx on fork (selsta)3

v14 transactions should still be permitted for a short period, according to MRL’s Rucknium4:

v14 txs will be valid for another 24 hours I believe. This is the so-called “double fork” that minimizes user-level disruptions

-TrustyDwarf-5 shared the output of the hard_fork_info monerod6 command, which shows that more than 35% of nodes (~3.6K/10K) have already updated their Monero daemon to the required version (v16):

hard_fork_info version 16 not enabled, 3618/10080 votes, threshold 0 current version 15, voting for version 16

Make sure to upgrade your nodes and wallets to continue using Monero.

Read the Getmonero.org blog post7 for more information about the v15 hard fork.

Thanks to gnuteardrops from monero.graphics for the Monero v15 poster8.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

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