16 Apr 2022 | Updated 30 Jun 2022 [dev]

Monero community reaches consensus to hard fork on July 16th 2022

Monero is set to hard fork on July 16th 2022 at block 26688881, after the community has reached consensus in today’s Monero Development Workgroup meeting2.


May 16 - Branch with HF-required PRs
Soon after May 16 - Testnet hard fork
June 16 - 0.18 release
July 16 - Mainnet hard fork

To learn more about the v15 hard fork, consult the associated checklist3 and blog post4 and my previous report5.

Note that this network upgrade is not the Seraphis/Jamtis HF6, which is still years away.

Update 22/4/17: added link to checklist3.

Update 22/4/20: added link to blog post4.

Update 22/6/25: 0.18 release delayed7.

Update 22/6/30: new release/HF dates available8.