29 Jun 2022 | Updated 30 Jun 2022 [events] [calendar]

Monero Development Workgroup meeting scheduled for 30 June 2022 1700 UTC

The next Monero Development Workgroup meeting is scheduled1 to take place on Thursday, 30 June 2022 at 17:00 UTC.

The meeting should take place on IRC-Libera/Matrix in the #monero-dev2 and PRs related to the 0.18 release will probably be discussed.

Logs for the previous meeting are available on Monero Observer3.

Update: logs for this meeting are now available on Monero Observer4.

  1. https://libera.monerologs.net/monero-dev/20220629#c113636 

  2. #monero-dev (IRC-Libera), #monero-dev:monero.social (Matrix) 

  3. /assets/logs/220514-dev.log 

  4. /assets/logs/220630-dev.log