26 May 2022 | Updated 10 Aug 2022 [CCS]

binarybaron submits second CCS proposal to continue developing XMR-BTC atomic swap desktop GUI prototype

binarybaron1 has submitted a second CCS proposal2 to continue developing the XMR-BTC atomic swap desktop GUI prototype3:

We’ve successfully completed all of the goals we set for ourselves in our first CCS proposal. The prototype of the GUI we wanted to develop is fully functional (on testnet) and it will soon replace the now obsolete web interface (UnstoppableSwap.net). [..] we felt that there is a strong desire in the community for us to continue development.

Total funding: 232 XMR.

ETA: 4 months (June-September 2022).

Tasks overview

binarybaron has made over 175 commits to the unstoppableswap-gui4 repo, developed an initial working prototype (video demos available56) and is one of the three unpaid volunteer maintainers of the xmr-btc-swap7 repository after COMIT stopped8 maintaining the project.

To learn more about binarybaron’s work, consult my previous reports91011.

To read, share your feedback, ask questions and support this proposal, consult !3212

Update 22/7/8: ready for funding12.

Update 22/7/18: fully funded13.

Update 22/8/10: milestone 1 completed14.