9 Feb 2022 | Updated 12 Nov 2022 [services]

COMIT no longer maintaining XMR-BTC atomic swap project

The COMIT1 team is no longer maintaining the XMR-BTC atomic swap project2.

It’s not easy to communicate this… We are struggling to maintain github.com/comit-network/xmr-btc-swap and are looking for maintainers.3

The project is currently looking for contributors with Rust knowledge that can step up to the challenge and become maintainers:

If you love the XMR-BTC swap tool, have some Rust knowledge and are willing to step up please reach out and we are happy to discuss making you a maintainer.

We are currently partnering with ItchySats building trustless CFD trading using DLCs on Bitcoin. This requires all of our brainpower and time.

You can read the full announcement on the COMIT blog4 and get in touch with the community on Matrix5.

Update 22/8/11: binarybaron, lescuer97 and delta1 are the current maintainers of this project6.

Update 22/11/12: lescuer97 submitted a CCS proposal to continue developing the project7.

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