2 Oct 2021 | Updated 26 May 2022 [CCS]

binarybaron submits CCS proposal to build a XMR-BTC atomic swap desktop GUI prototype

Monero enthusiast and creator of UnstoppableSwap1 binarybaron2 has submitted a CCS proposal3 to develop a XMR-BTC atomic swap desktop GUI prototype:

There are several swap providers active on the mainnet right now. Trustless cross-chain trades are becoming a reality. While the swap-cli developed as part of the MVP is usable and indeed works, it is not suitable for use by non-technical people who don’t have experience navigating the command line.

The software will be a free and open source Electron4 app, with releases planned for Linux, Windows and macOS.

The Rendezvous5 protocol and Tor integration should come after the basic functionality is reasonably stable, according to binarybaron.

Total funding: 52 XMR (45 mvp + 4 tor + 0.5/mo for 6 months maintenance).

ETA: 3-4 months (+ TBD, tor integration).

Consult MR !2573 to share your feedback, ask questions, support this proposal and see exactly what binarybaron plans to focus on if this proposal gets funded.

Update 21/11/1: the proposal was fully funded.

Update 22/4/24: mainnet demo available6.

Update 22/5/26: second CCS proposal submitted7.

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