17 Jan 2022 | Updated 28 Jan 2022 [CCS]

noot's XMR-ETH atomic swaps CCS proposal finally moved to funding stage after licensing debate

noot1’s XMR-ETH atomic swaps2 CCS proposal34 was finally moved to the funding stage after the community has apparently reached consensus on which license the code should be released under:

My preference is for GPL but I will also relicense as LGPL if needed. I would like to stick with GPL or LGPL as it prevents the code from being relicensed and used in closed-source software. (noot)5

Noot would like to proceed with GPL for now but is also offering to rewrite used GPL code and change to LGPL if desired later on. (OrneryMaintenance)6

ajs7 has opened a PR8 to facilitate community discussions around Monero core code licensing in parallel to the proposal:

Proposers should not be forced into permissively licensing their work if it is not directly related to Monero code. Ultimately, donors ought to decide whether to support proposals with a copyleft license.

To learn more about this proposal, visit !2774 on Gitlab and read my previous report9.

To support the proposal, you can donate XMR to the address listed on its Funding10 page.

31 contributors have raised 56 of 56 XMR (100%)

Update 22/1/18: proposal was fully funded; noot has posted a dev update11.

Update 22/1/28: milestone 2 completed before M112.

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