25 May 2022 [CCS]

noot completes 5th milestone for XMR-ETH atomic swaps project

noot1 has completed2 the 5th milestone for her XMR-ETH atomic swaps CCS proposal3:

Hey again, happy to announce that milestone 5 and the final core development focused milestone for this CCS is done! [..]

Work overview

Read the full dev report2 and consult stagenet.md7 to learn how you can join the network and try out the swap as a XMR-taker or XMR-maker.

noot plans8 on prioritizing the last 2 CCS milestones next:

milestone 6 is regarding further research and a write-up of the protocol [..] just need to finalize and organize the document.

milestone 7 is regarding the UI. The last task to be done here is Metamask integration.

Consult my previous report9 to learn more about the project.

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