5 May 2023 [dev]

ETH-XMR atomic swap beta release goes live on mainnet

noot1 has announced2 that the ETH-XMR atomic swap beta release (v0.2.1)3, was deployed on mainnet and is now live and ready to be used:

Hey all! I’m happy to announce that the ETH-XMR atomic swap beta release, which has been deployed on mainnet, is live and ready to be used! [..] Huge thank you to the community for your support, and I hope you enjoy using the swap :)

This release is CLI-only and the program has been tested primarily on Linux only.

XMR-holders provide liquidity as market makers, and ETH-holders are the takers. Relayers help secure the network and get 0.01 ETH of the swap value in return for relaying.

Usage instructions and pre-built binaries are available on Github4. Join the project’s Matrix room5 for technical support and project discussions.

The development of this ETH-XMR atomic swap implementation was funded via the CCS6 and the Magic Monero Fund7.

Note that although the software was ‘thoroughly tested’, there are always potential failure cases. Use at your own risk.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.