1 Jan 2022 [dev]

mjxmr submits December 2021 Monero dev report

Monero contributor mjxmr1 has submitted his December 2021 dev report2 for community review:

I was very happy to work overtime in the 1st half of December, since I knew that family matters would slow me down later on.


In January, mjxmr is looking to prepare a bridge for the R language, extract and publish the unique simulation features and fix remaining bugs.

mjxmr could work with hajerchebil3 in the near future:

Hajer would like to bring more contributions to the project and I know her well enough, to be sure, that she’s worth it. She could do the side tasks, that I would have to do anyway, but in parallel (so in effect: sooner) and for a cheaper hourly basis than me, due to differences in experience.

Contracting her is a separate decision from the Community though, and it will be soon presented in either her own CCS proposal, or via the MAGIC Grants.

To better understand mjxmr’s CCS-related work on Monero, you can read john_r3654’s Layman’s Guide5.

Reports for his most recent CCS proposal6 and previous dev report (November 2021)7 are also available on Monero Observer.

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