18 Nov 2021 | Updated 19 Nov 2021 [guides]

john_r365 shares 'A Layman’s Guide' to mj-xmr's work on Monero

john_r3651 has shared A Layman’s Guide2 to mj-xmr3’s work on Monero:

As a passionate outside observer, I like to try and understand what the different developers do. However, despite MJ writing very thorough work reports, I struggled to grasp what his work is about.

This is a post for anyone who’s keeping tabs on the project, and like me, didn’t understand the work that mj-xmr does on the project.

The article is the result of a recent telephone call between the two.

mj-xmr thanked John for his work in -community4 and made himself available for community questions on Reddit5:

Many thanks to john_r365 for his time and patience! An article, that explains in layman’s terms the somewhat cryptic monthly reports, that I publish.

[..] it’s quite expected, that questions may arise. I’m happy to answer them.

Update: added mj-xmr quote.

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