29 Nov 2021 [dev]

mjxmr submits his November 2021 Monero dev report

Monero contributor mjxmr1 has submitted his November 2021 dev report2 for community review:

For the whole month I’ve worked on being able to deliver the first public version of my Time Series Quick Simulator (dubbed “tsqsim”), that aims to support the Monero Research Lab in detecting and predicting transaction patterns, however the Researchers want to use them at a given time.

To better understand mjxmr’s CCS-related work on Monero, you can read john_r3653’s Layman’s Guide4.

mjxmr encourages the community to use his tsqsim tool by providing instructions for Ubuntu 20.04 / Debian-stable on his Github5:

Please run the below scripts. They are meant to be non-interactive and will require root permissions (via sudo).

Reports for his most recent CCS proposal6 and previous dev report (September 2021)7 are also available.

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