17 Feb 2023 [services]

Trocador starts offering insurance on all trades via 'Trocador Guarantee'

The Trocador.app1 exchange aggregator has started offering insurance on all trades2 via Trocador Guarantee, as promised last week3:

If for some reason you do not receive your funds and the exchange does not provide us some proof of a legal order to explain why the swap was not completed, Trocador will reimburse you up to the amount shown for each exchange!4

The insured amount is currently around $550 but there are plans to increase that amount as time goes by.

To get compensation, users need to contact Trocador and provide their Transaction ID. Note that the whole process can take a week.

To learn more about Trocador, consult the previous Monero Observer reports56.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.