5 Jan 2024 | Updated 14 Jan 2024 [bounties] [dev]

PHCitizen executes first ever mainnet BCH-XMR atomic swap

PHCitizen1 has performed the first ever mainnet BCH-XMR atomic cross-chain swap2 and is now looking to claim the ~16 XMR + 2.97 BCH associated bounty3:

Good day! Mainnet test are done; included below the readme are the transaction. will provide the video and keys asap if it is needed. [..]

Mainnet transactions data

#### Happy Path
- SwapLock -> Alice: 91b9ab4ec54d22b46330c6ba9e5bb07a104513d7d132c2b6b7c48c76c921f40b
- Sweep Alice private key: 76d98630bc1ddd68d42905de1eaa41ae2e024dc75aa0622e1423de130caf0e71
- XMR Shared Address: 43unSddtX9iREffuDzs8gHPvVsu56Bfb4D4RaHjqFyQYd1PPwyJUWKX2ZmX9dxM3kiDq3Ct6mzeYDH6zsJJWjz6vFamaatk

#### Alice Failed to lock XMR
- SwapLock Contract: bitcoincash:pzavf0mxs2kfec8xsj7u8s6pquussw9dgs7mnmknl4
- SwapLock -> Refund: 1604dc533f241c643ad66aa8e64910298c39367dbf8bce1159bdbc5f5bb25e58
- Refund -> Bob Output: 2746ec141696a5b4dafc13eb8ce98ab3d4c4451967480d6d5af4996515241eeb
- Bob Spend: 8482981fd76ce8e8d82c2d299828941070fedebfdc1193edf70c704af5b01922

The next step, according to Rucknium4, is to find a knowledgeable independent party that can verify that the swaps are atomic.

Consult the associated Github repository5 to learn more about the project and to watch a bch chipnet and xmr stagenet POC video. A mainnet demo will also be provided by PHCitizen soon.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 24/1/7: Rucknium mentioned a related project in yesterday’s community meeting6 - pat’s BCH Flipstarter for a production-ready implementation7 [of a BCH<>XMR atomic swap frontend].

Update 24/1/14: the BCH<>XMR atomic swap frontend campaign was fully funded8.