24 Nov 2021 | Updated 18 Mar 2022 [bounties]

Rucknium proposes bounty for XMR-BCH atomic swaps implementation

Rucknium1 has proposed a bounty2 for the creation of a XMR-BCH atomic swaps implementation:

Recently BTC<>XMR atomic swaps have become available on mainnet. Let’s do the same for BCH!

Total Bounty: 1.20471 XMR & 0.468 BCH (to date)

Minimum requirements

The BCH donation address3 for this bounty is being administered by Rucknium:

I have established a BCH address for donations for this bounty. I will personally custody the funds and release them to whoever completes the bounty requirements.

To start working on the project yourself, you should make your intentions public by posting a comment in the bounty’s thread2.

Alternatively you can contribute some XMR to the bounty address posted by the Monero Bounties Bot and/or to the BCH address posted by Rucknium in the comments section.

Update: updated bounty.

  1. https://github.com/Rucknium 

  2. https://bounties.monero.social/posts/37  2

  3. https://blockchair.com/bitcoin-cash/address/qrm0snx7l9kakt6lmzdpyupwryjktr47au6004uwyp