8 Dec 2021 | Updated 18 Dec 2021 [CCS]

netrik182 submits CCS proposal to continue working as translation coordinator for 3 months

netrik1821 has submitted a new CCS proposal2, looking to continue working as Monero translation coordinator for 3 more months, until March 2022:

My first proposal is now completed and I would like to continue working as translation coordinator for the upcoming months.

Translation coordination work covers the whole process of managing translations, community members, weblate and the repositories.

Total funding: 45 XMR (20 hrs/wk * 12 weeks @ 30 EUR/hr / 1 XMR @ 170 EUR).

ETA: 28 February 2022 (3 months from December 1st 2021).

You can read more about his previous work and responsibilities in previous reports34.

Consult MR !2752 to view the milestones, submit your feedback, ask any questions and support the proposal.

Update: proposal is ready for funding5.

Update 12/18: proposal was fully funded6.