6 Oct 2021 | Updated 1 Nov 2021 [CCS]

netrik182 looking to substitute ErCiccione as the new Monero Localization Workgroup coordinator

MoneroBrasil.org1 maintainer and Monero contributor netrik1822 has submitted a CCS proposal3 looking to substitute ErCiccione4 as the new Monero Localization Workgroup5 coordinator:

ErCiccione has been the manager of this workgroup for a long time (see their proposals at the bottom) and recently has been looking for someone to take on these responsibilities as they are focusing their time on other projects now (e.g. Haveno).

netriks182’s previous contributions are displayed on his Weblate6, Gitlab7 and Github8 profiles. He has also helped with Monerujo9 and LocalMonero10 translations.

ErCiccione will keep managing the backend side of things (update Weblate, bug issues, etc). I will maintain the languages on Weblate, help and find translators, update the documentation, etc. as highlighted above.

Some of the main responsibilities as MLW manager would include:

If this CCS proposal is approved by the community, netriks182 will probably first look to revamp the current CCS proposal process for translators by enforcing some rules on who can contribute translations to Monero:

I want to focus on defining and enforcing some basic rules for translation-related CCS’s in the future, accepting work from:

Translators with a provable portfolio as professional translators

Contributors of the Localization Workgroup that have a track record of delivering high quality translations (work that has been reviewed by others and deemed of high quality, for example)

We plan to establish a hybrid approach in which community members could contribute if they wanted to (as volunteers or paid work) given the rules above and in case we fail to meet the above requirements for any given language a.k.a. these contributors do not exist or are of bad quality, they could be replaced with professional resources.

It is unclear if/how new nonprofessional translators that are looking to contribute privately to Monero would fit the proposed new system.

Total funding: ~11 XMR (20 hrs/wk * 4 weeks @ 30 EUR/hr).

ETA: 1 month (trial).

Consult MR !2603 to see the milestones, submit your feedback, ask any questions and support the proposal.

Update: the proposal was fully funded.

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