3 Dec 2021 [CCS]

netrik182 posts final progress report for 'trial run' CCS proposal

netrik1821 has posted the final progress report2 for the trial run CCS proposal3:

Overall this past month was very pleasant and I’m glad I could be involved more deeply into the community. Most of these tasks were new to me so having experienced this trial run was an important step.

netrik182 will continue to work as MLW4 coordinator:

[..] I’ll open a new proposal soon to continue working as coordinator of the workgroup as stated previously.

You can share your feedback and questions related to this community report on Gitlab in !2605.

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  3. /netrik182-monero-localization-workgroup-coordinator-ccs-proposal/ 

  4. https://github.com/monero-ecosystem/monero-translations 

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