26 Mar 2022 | Updated 29 Dec 2022 [CCS] [mining]

mj submits CCS proposal for 'SolOptXMR' project

mj1 has submitted a CCS proposal2 looking to fund the SolOptXMR (Solar Optimal mining of XMR) project.

The open-source software will be focused on helping miners that want to use excess solar power to mine Monero:

The goal is to create open-source software that aids people mining Monero with excess solar power in the most profitable way.

Total funding: 130 XMR (71 XMR mj + 59 XMR Endor).

ETA: ~7 months (before winter 2022).

To complete this project, mj plans on working side by side with Endor3, a junior Python dev and Aerospace Engineering student.

mj has been contributing to Monero for the past 2 years and already has an active CCS proposal that is almost 100% funded4. If funded, the dev is only planning to dedicate 10 hours per week for this project.

More details about his work can be found in his previous proposal5’s progress report6 and on Github7.

Endor has been moderating a Monero mining room on Matrix8 and is planning to publish a small paper or a series of articles to serve as the ultimate guide to mining9.


To read the full proposal, share your feedback, ask questions and support this CCS, consult !2992.

Update 22/3/27: add clarification that mj is only planning to work 10 hours/week on this project.

Update 22/4/13: moved to funding10.

Update 22/4/23: fully funded11.

Update 22/5/29: first v0.1-beta release announced12.

Update 22/7/26: v0.2-beta pre-release and milestone modifications1314.

Update 22/11/10: v0.4-rc1 & v0.4-rc2 released, milestone 4 completed15.

Update 22/13/14: call for community vote/feedback on withholding MS3 (and now MS4)16 (resolved).

Update 22/12/29: mjxmr proposes ‘fundraiser for the further development of SolOptXMR through 2023’17.

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