22 Jul 2022 | Updated 30 Jul 2022 [mining] [CCS]

mj-xmr announces SolOptXMR v0.2 beta pre-release

mj-xmr1 has announced2 the v0.2-beta3 pre-release for the SolOptXMR4 (Solar Optimal mining of XMR) project, which completes half of the associated CCS proposal5’s 3rd milestone:

[..] I’d like to present my part of the Milestone 3: The vendor independent measurements. [..] This pre-release is one step before being able to automate the act of switching the mining on and off. [..]

Changes overview

The full changelog36 is available on Github.

The Monero community is encouraged to leave feedback in the announcement thread2, so mj-xmr can collect their part of the payment for the already completed work.

Update: community voted against allowing CCS milestones to be split up in today’s meeting7.

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  4. https://github.com/mj-xmr/SolOptXMR 

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