10 Nov 2022 | Updated 11 Nov 2022 [mining] [CCS]

SolOptXMR v0.4 released with 'full automation'

SolOptXMR (Solar Optimal mining of XMR1) versions 0.4-rc12 and 0.4-rc23 were released, mainly thanks to mj-xmr4’s and endorxmr5’s development efforts.

This completes the fourth and final full automation milestone of the associated CCS proposal6:

This version brings full automation (after an initial setup investment) and a lot of stability via fast corner case testing, that allowed me to fix prevailing bugs and enables further, risky experiments.

Changes overview

The full changelog37 is available on Github.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: mj-xmr clarified that he has completed this milestone without major help from endorxmr, ‘except for one PR and one review’8; endorxmr agreed ‘for mj to be paid for M4 in full’9.

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