24 Mar 2022 | Updated 1 Sep 2022 [research]

MAGIC Monero Fund committee allocates $12K USD to fund its first ever research proposal

MAGIC Grants1’s Monero Fund2 committee3 has voted to support and fund its first ever research proposal.

According to Rucknium4, 12K USD will be allocated to ACK-J5’s proposal6:

The MAGIC Monero Fund committee has voted to support this research project for 12,000 USD equivalent. Good luck!7

ACK-J is planning to use this grant to continue the research they started in December 2021:

[..] to produce a high-quality, deanonymized dataset of stagenet Monero transactions and an empirical analysis of ring signature resiliency to supervised deep learning attacks.8

The researcher is looking to assess the attack surface of ring signatures in a machine and deep learning attack context:

[..] I would like to assess the privacy protections gained against the aforementioned attacks after increasing the ring size from 11 to 16.

You can learn more about the project, its milestones and budget by reading the complete research proposal on Github6.

We can expect an update on April 1st, when ACK-J will share more technical details in a MAGIC update post.

To learn more about the application process, read the Research-Grant-RFP.md9 document.

Consult my previous reports101112 to learn more about MAGIC.

Update 22/4/2: first research update available13.

Update 22/5/2: April research update available14.

Update 22/7/3: linked to May & June research updates1516.

Update 22/9/1: final July-August research update posted17.

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