1 Sep 2022 | Updated 13 Sep 2022 [research]

ACK-J completes MAGIC-funded research proposal

ACK-J1 has posted the final update (July-August 2022)2 for their MAGIC3-funded research proposal4:

This is the fifth and final update delivered for my MAGIC grant, detailing the work I have completed from July 1st to August 31st. [..] I want to thank the MAGIC committee for their support over the last six months, helping me complete my research!

Technical updates

The final report is available as a .PDF5 on Github. The code and datasets are available in the Monero-Dataset-Pipeline6 repository.

Consult the previous MO report7 to learn more about this story.

Update: add link to Justin Ehrenhofer’s Q&A with ACK-J about the paper8.

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