7 Nov 2023 | Updated 6 May 2024 [CCS]

hinto-janai submits CCS proposal to start working full-time on 'Cuprate' for 3 months

hinto-janaiyo1 has submitted a CCS proposal2 to start full-time development work on Cuprate3, an alternative Rust Monero node, for 3 months:

This CCS is to support me working on full-time on Cuprate for the next 3 months. The 3-month goal is for the completion of the database “layer” layed out below with at least LMDB supported.

Total funding: 153 XMR.

ETA (hours): 3 months (528 hours).

hinto-janai is the maintainer of Gupax4, monero-bash5, XMRig-Auto-Build6 and monero-toolchain7.

To read the full proposal, share your feedback, ask questions and support this CCS, consult !4222.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 24/2/2: bumped funding goal; proposal moved to funding stage8 (100% funded).

Update: 24/3/14: M1 progress report posted9.

Update: 24/5/6: M2+3/final progress report posted10; new CCS proposal submitted11.