19 Mar 2022 [services]

hinto-janaiyo releases monero-toolchain v2.0.0

hinto-janaiyo1 has released v2.0.02 of monero-toolchain3, a bash script that downloads Monero-related software:

I use basically all of these so I made a script so that I could more easily manage monero-related software between multiple computers4

Downloaded tools

Monero GUI
Monero CLI

The tool is available only for Linux (64-bit) systems.

To get started with monero-toolchain, consult the README.md5 in the project’s code repository.

It is recommended to review the 239-line bash script code6 before usage.

To support the dev and the project, you can donate XMR to the address listed on GH7.

hinto-janaiyo has also recently released XMRig-Auto-Build v1.2, a user-friendly interactive bash script that builds the latest XMRig from source, as previously reported8.

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