9 Oct 2022 | Updated 20 Dec 2022 [CCS]

hinto-janaiyo submits CCS proposal to finish developing 'Gupax', a cross-platform GUI for P2Pool + XMRig

hinto-janaiyo1 has submitted a new CCS proposal2 to finish developing Gupax3, a cross-platform GUI for mining XMR on P2Pool, using the dedicated XMRig miner for max hashrate:

I was really happy when Monero GUI implemented P2Pool directly (many users seem to be using it) but the embedded miner comes at a rough 50% hashrate decrease. Gupax is a seperate GUI that can act as a companion alongside Monero GUI.

Total funding: 100 XMR.

ETA (hours): 2 months (448 hours @ ~8 Hrs/day).

The proposal only has one milestone (Working GUI + Documentation @ 100 XMR) and a GUI prototype demo is already available on Github4.

hinto-janaiyo is the maintainer of monero-bash5, XMRig-Auto-Build6 and monero-toolchain7.

To read the full proposal, share your feedback, ask questions and support this CCS, consult !3502.

Update 22/10/27: new demo available8.

Update 22/10/31: proposal updated, included ‘free’ maintenance9.

Update 22/11/07: ready for funding10.

Update 22/11/15: fully funded11.

Update 22/11/22: v0.5.0 released12.

Update 22/12/20: v1.0.0 released13.

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