11 Feb 2023 | Updated 27 Feb 2023 [mining]

Top XMR pool HashVault.pro's HR spikes to ~1.8 GH/s

The top XMR mining pool, HashVault.pro1, experienced a sharp hashrate spike from ~650 MH/s to around 1.8 GH/s earlier today.

The ~1 GH/s pool miner2 that is apparently responsible for the surge could potentially suggest botnet activity.

Although HashVault’s HR has recently dropped back to ~1.2 GH/s, the pool still controls almost ~35% of the total Monero network hashrate of ~3.4 GH/s.

At least two other similar spikes were registered in October3 and December 20224.

It is interesting to note that P2Pool’s HR is down ~33.3% for the day.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 23/2/12: the pool miner’s account was spotted on nanopool.org today56.

Update 23/2/13: HR back to ‘normal’ levels ~650 MH/s.

Update 23/2/27: the same pool miner appears to be back on HV7.

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