27 Feb 2023 | Updated 11 Mar 2023 [mining]

HashVault.pro now controls ~42% of total Monero network hashrate

HashVault.pro1 is now in control of ~42% of the total Monero network hashrate: ~1.5 GH/s / ~3.54 GH/s.

Similar spikes were registered at the beginning of the month, as previously reported2. It looks like the same miner3 is responsible for today’s activity.

P2Pool’s HR is down ~3.5% for the day.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 23/2/28: hashrate back to ‘normal’ <600 MH/s levels; discussion thread available4.

Update 23/3/10: ‘1GH/s miner’ is back and HV now controls ~58% of the total network hashrate5.

Update 23/3/11: HR back to ‘normal’ ~650 MH/s levels again.

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