30 Dec 2022 | Updated 31 Dec 2022 [mining]

HashVault.pro pushed into the spotlight again by ~340 MH/s 'solo miner'

HashVault.pro1 is, once more2, the top XMR mining pool, with ~39% of the total Monero network hashrate, after today’s unexpected hashrate surge, from around 500 MH/s to over 1.1 GH/s.

Some Monero community members believe the ~340 MH/s solo miner can be indicative of botnet activity3.

P2Pool’s HR is down ~4.3% for the day.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 22/12/31: HashVault.pro’s HR started dropping back towards normal levels (currently ~860 MH/s).

Update 23/1/2: HR back to ‘normal’ (sub-600 MH/s) levels.