15 Jan 2024 | Updated 22 Apr 2024 [art]

gnuteardrops is back: 'Monero.Graphics needs to exist'

gnuteardrops1 has officially returned and the inspiring Monero.Graphics2 repository was reactivated earlier today:

I still believe that Monero.Graphics needs to exist in our community. Art is very important and I feel strangely obliged to continue maintaining the project for the foreseeable future. Onward.

The artist told Monero Observer that the ~6-month break was recharging but rather sad, after passionately working - mostly pro bono publico - since 20213 to craft over 224 designs.

To support the project, donate some XMR to the address listed on the About4 page.

Consult the previous Monero Observer report5 to learn more about gnu’s work.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 24/4/22: project looking for community funding6.