8 Apr 2022 | Updated 15 Jan 2024 [art]

gnuteardrops reaches impressive Monero.Graphics milestone: 100 designs

gnuteardrops1 has reached an impressive Monero.Graphics2 milestone yesterday after publishing the 100th3 design titled Monero encrypt ideas:

Encrypt your mind.

The artist has been working 100% pro bono publico for the past ~7 months, since September 2021.

From wallpapers and stickers to cards and comics, all the graphics are licensed CC BY-SA 4.04 and that means anyone can copy, redistribute, remix and transform them for any purpose, even commercially:

Hopefully my work inspires others to contribute something of value to the Monero community. When people use my work, only then I am happy. (gnuteardrops)

gnuteardrops has also designed the graphics for MoneroKon 20225 (Konferenco Lisbon 2022 logo and illustration), Monero Observer (Blitz6 covers) and for other projects in the Monero community for free.

You can send your feedback and ideas to gnuteardrops via email7 or matrix8 and potentially donate some XMR1 to stimulate their generous work for our community.

Update: gnu is back9; updated contact links.

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