6 Dec 2021 | Updated 15 Jan 2024 [art]

gnuteardrops shares new Monero.Graphics repository

gnuteardrops1 has shared a new art project with the community: the Monero.Graphics2 repository:

I design Monero graphics that can be used by everyone. Share them with your friends and let’s spread the Monero love!

The artist has licensed all graphics CC BY-SA 4.03 and that means anyone can copy, redistribute, remix and transform all of them for any purpose, even commercially.

You can send your feedback to gnuteardrops via email4 or matrix5 and donate some XMR1 to stimulate their continued work in our community.

Update: gnu is back6; updated contact links.

  1. https://monero.graphics/about  2

  2. https://monero.graphics/ 

  3. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ 

  4. gnuteardrops (at) dnmx (dot) org 

  5. @gnuteardrops:matrix.org 

  6. /gnuteardrops-is-back-monero-graphics-needs-to-exist/