26 Mar 2022 | Updated 4 Sep 2022 [CCS]

DangerousFreedom1984 submits CCS proposal to build Python tools that check for inflation in Monero

DangerousFreedom19841 has submitted a CCS proposal2 looking to finish building Python tools and educational material for checking and explaining the absence of money leakage (a.k.a. inflation) in Monero:

I believe that basically what needs to be done is the creation of Python scripts and educational materials in order to: check the ring signatures, check the amounts involved, check the uniqueness of key images and check the emission curve.

Total funding: 43.2 XMR.

ETA: end of August 2022.


The anonymous Python dev has already been working for 2 months on the initial scratch for the Pre-RingCT (v1) era.

Visit the Monero Inflation Checker WiP website3 and repository4 to have an idea of how the final product will look like.

To read the full proposal, share your feedback, ask questions and support this CCS, consult !2982.

Update 22/4/4: moved to funding5.

Update 22/5/31: first progress report available6.

Update 22/9/03: final progress report available7.

Update 22/9/04: new CCS proposal submitted8.