3 Sep 2022 [CCS]

DangerousFreedom1984 submits third and final CCS progress report

DangerousFreedom19841 has submitted the third and final progress report2 for their CCS3 proposal to build Python tools that check for inflation in Monero:

Finished my CCS project as proposed and did not find any bug that could lead to inflation.

Progress overview

The full progress report is available on Reddit2.

DangerousFreedom1984 is planning to open up a new CCS proposal soon, to help in the development of Jamtis/Seraphis.

To learn more about DangerousFreedom1984’s work, visit the moneroinflation.com5 website and consult the previous Monero Observer report6.

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  3. https://ccs.getmonero.org/proposals/monero-inflation-checker.html 

  4. https://www.moneroinflation.com/static/data_py/report_scalars_df.pdf 

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