4 Sep 2022 | Updated 12 Sep 2022 [CCS]

DangerousFreedom1984 submits new CCS proposal to finish building moneroinflation.com and help develop Seraphis wallet

DangerousFreedom19841 has submitted a new CCS proposal2 to finish building the Monero Inflation Checker3 website and help with the development of Seraphis4/Jamtis5:

I would like your help to finish developing www.moneroinflation.com by providing parallel implementations in Rust of the core functions in C++, improving the website and help with the development of Seraphis/Jamtis.

Total funding: 112 XMR (25h/week).

ETA: 18 weeks.

Consult the dev’s previous CCS proposal6 to learn more about their work.

To read the full proposal, share your feedback, ask questions and support this CCS, consult !3412.

Update 22/9/12: proposal temporarily closed7.

Update 22/9/20: new proposal submitted8.

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