12 Oct 2022 | Updated 10 Feb 2023 [services]

CryptoMorpheus_ launches privacy-focused exchange aggregator 'Trocador'

CryptoMorpheus_1 has announced2 the launch of a new privacy-focused exchange aggregator, Trocador.app3:

Hi everyone, I’m CryptoMorpheus_, creator of Moneroj.net (Monero metrics website), and I’m proud to launch a privacy-focused exchange aggregator for our community.

Features overview

Note that there is no extra fee for using the service. Trocador receives a commission for referring the exchange that comes out of the exchange’s fee, according to the project’s FAQ4 section.

Trocador currently supports FixedFloat, ChangeNow, MajesticBank, StealthEx, SimpleSwap, Godex and other instant exchanges.

Users can expect more features, including an API system that works over TOR, a referral system, and a JS-free trading widget, to be delivered by the end of the month.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 22/10/21: a demo video created by monerobull is now available5.

Update 22/10/25: Trocador’s JS-free widget inside Moneroj.net available for testing6.

Update 22/11/01: Trocador’s API system was launched7.

Update 22/12/02: AnonPay, a new fixed rate Payment mode is now available on Trocador8.

Update 23/01/18: Trocador implements Monero Tunnels9.

Update 23/02/10: Trocador partners with LocalMonero10.

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