11 Aug 2022 [services]

COMIT 'xmr-btc-swap' v0.11.0 released

Version 0.11.01 of COMIT2’s XMR-BTC atomic swap implementation (xmr-btc-swap3) was released, and it updates to Monero v0.18.0.04:

I’m happy to report that we’ve been busy upgrading the tool in prep for the hard fork, with a bunch of improvements in general, and are releasing version 0.11 today!5

Changes overview

Downloads, hashes, and the complete list of changes are available on the release page1.

Visit Github3 to learn more about the Bitcoin-Monero Cross-chain Atomic Swap and join COMIT’s Matrix channel6 if you need help.

Read the Safety7 section of the README.md file before using this tool.

Note that COMIT is no longer maintaing the project8. binarybaron, lescuer97 and delta1 are the current maintainers of xmr-btc-swap.

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