4 Jan 2024 | Updated 6 Feb 2024 [services]

Binance marks Monero for potential delisting

Binance1 has announced23 the extension of its Monitoring Tag4 to Monero and other privacy coins that exhibit notably higher volatility and risks:

Based on recent reviews, Binance will extend the Monitoring Tag to include more tokens [..] on 2024-01-04. [..] Tokens with the Monitoring Tag exhibit notably higher volatility and risks compared to other listed tokens. These tokens are closely monitored, with regular reviews conducted. Keep in mind that tokens with the Monitoring Tag are at risk of no longer meeting our listing criteria and being delisted from the platform. [..]

Affected coins also include ANT, FIRO, KP3R, MDX, MOB, REEF, VAI, ZEC, and ZEN.

Binance has already delisted XMR in France, Italy, Poland and Spain due to local regulatory requirements last year, as reported5.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 24/1/10: Binance Loans has apparently removed XMR6.

Update 24/2/6: Binance to delist XMR on February 207.