6 Feb 2024 | Updated 7 Feb 2024 [services] [pinned]

Binance decides to finally delist Monero on February 20 2024

Binance1 has finally announced2 plans to delist and cease trading on all XMR trading pairs on February 20 2024, after completing an in-depth review:

Based on our most recent reviews, we have decided to delist and cease trading on all trading pairs for the following token(s) at 2024-02-20 03:00 (UTC) [..]

Affected coins also include ANT (Aragon), Multichain (MULTI), and Vai (VAI).

Timeline overview

2024-02-08 10:00 (UTC): Binance Margin will suspend isolated margin borrowing
2024-02-14 03:00 (UTC): Binance Auto-Invest will delist the tokens
2024-02-15 09:00 (UTC): Binance Futures will close all positions
2024-02-16 03:00 (UTC): Binance Convert will delist the tokens and all associated pairs 
2024-02-18 03:00 (UTC): Binance Loans and VIP Loan will close all outstanding loan positions
2024-02-18 03:00 (UTC): Binance Pay will delist the tokens
2024-02-19 03:00 (UTC): Binance Simple Earn will delist the tokens
2024-02-20 03:00 (UTC): Binance Gift Card will delist the tokens
2024-02-20 03:00 (UTC): Trading Bots services will be terminated
2024-02-21 03:00 (UTC): deposits will not be credited
2024-05-20 03:00 (UTC): withdrawals will not be supported

If you haven’t already, attempt to cancel any open orders and withdraw your assets from the platform before the deadline.

XMR-USD is currently retesting the key $100 psychological support and it will be interesting to observe the price discovery process during the following weeks.

To learn more about this story, consult the previous Monero Observer report3.

Note that ‘delisted tokens may be converted into stablecoins on behalf of users after 2024-05-21 03:00 (UTC)’, but the conversion is ‘NOT guaranteed’.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: $100 psychological support holds as XMR-USD sees a ~30% bounce.