27 Feb 2022 [culture]

XMR.radio to broadcast live talks from MoneroKon 2022

XMR.radio1 is planning to broadcast live talks from the upcoming MoneroKon 20222 event, according to their third quarterly transparency report3:

XMR.radio plans to live broadcast talks from MoneroKon 2022 this June from Lisbon, Portugal, in addition to streaming DJ mixes from the after party on MixCloud.

You can listen to the community-ran Monero radio through tor4 by following the quick guide5 on their website.

If you’re a DJ and want to schedule a mix session, send a DM on Twitter6 and join the Matrix chatroom7.

The station had to downscale their operation in November8, so if you want to see XMR.radio online after July 2022, you have the option to tip some Monero on their crowdfunding page9.

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