3 Nov 2021 [culture]

XMR.Radio scales down operation

XMR.Radio1 has confirmed the scaling down of its operation in the latest transparency report2 due to a lack of interest34:

However, given the low number of listeners, I decided it wouldn’t be worth the expense and time of setting one up (LLC) [..]

In the last month, the station has received between 15-20 daily listeners and the the current balance in the coffers is $2,751.95, of which $734.53 comes from XMR/BTC donations. Thank you very much to all donors.

All expenses are paid up until July 2022 from the original CCS fund.

If you wish to listen to the KXMR-DB Monero Community Radio after that date, you can donate to any of the XMR addresses listed on the Crowdfunding5 page:

- Music acquisition budget (2022-2023) (6.342 XMR needed)
- Rode Wireless GO II 2-Person Lavalier Microphone System/Recorder Kit (1.932 XMR needed)
- OVH US VPS annual (2022-2023) (1.015 XMR needed)

The station is available over clearnet1 and Tor6. On Android and iOS this is the top XMR radio showing up in the Live365 app7. F-droid users can open the direct station link8 in VLC9 and use it as a stream url.

  1. https://xmr.radio/live  2

  2. https://libreddit.de/r/Monero/comments/qlf16e 

  3. https://drive.protonmail.com/urls/0PFB49AW40#9jlgmfyOTZIr 

  4. https://drive.protonmail.com/urls/PHVYSJTGFG#hX093rd2N8Kh 

  5. https://xmr.radio/funding 

  6. http://kxmrdbjc4lglq54w5eozi4wqpcg6c7ddf2mbzxj4vhbkukcnyfkmp3qd.onion 

  7. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.live365&hl=en&gl=US, https://apps.apple.com/us/app/live365-radio-music-talk/id1228431134 

  8. https://ais-edge08-live365-dal02.cdnstream.com/a64305 

  9. https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.videolan.vlc/