26 Jan 2024 | Updated 19 Feb 2024 [dev]

vtnerd's Monero and Monero LWS dev work proposal ready for funding on MAGIC Monero Fund platform

MAGIC Grants1’s Monero Fund2 has approved and listed vtnerd’s3 crowdfunding proposal4 for 3 months of development work on Monero and Monero Light Wallet Server5:

The fundraiser covers 3 months of full time work to improve security, performance, and usability with an end goal of helping to broaden the user base. (Rucknium)6

Funding goal: $28,800
ETA: ~3 months (480 hours)

Proposed work overview

vtnerd is the creator of Monero Light Wallet Server5 and has been an active7 Monero contributor since 2016.

The developer decided to switch from the CCS to MAGIC after the IRS crypto reporting rule change went into effect8.

To support this project, you can donate XMR, BTC or fiat on the MAGIC Monero Fund platform4.

Consult the previous Monero Observer report9 to learn more about MAGIC’s crowdfunding website.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: fully funded10.

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