19 Feb 2024 [dev]

vtnerd's Monero and Monero LWS dev work proposal fully funded thanks to 200 XMR donation

MAGIC Monero Fund1 committee member Rucknium2 has announced3 that vtnerd’s4 crowdfunding proposal5 for 3 months of development work on Monero and Monero LWS6 has reached its 28,800 USD funding goal today, thanks to an anonymous 200 XMR donation:

Thank you to all donors! [..] I didn’t get any communication from anyone in Core that the 200 XMR donation was from Core’s General Fund. Maybe they did donate. If so, thank you :) The annual GF transparency report this year would contain that info AFAIK.

~226 XMR (100%) raised in 43 contributions

Consult Rucknium’s monero.town post3 and the previous Monero Observer report7 for an overview of vtnerd’s proposed work.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

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