14 Dec 2023 [services]

Unkn8wn69 creates 'Polyseed Secret Sharing Tool' for Monero

Unkn8wn691 has created an experimental Monero Polyseed Secret Sharing Tool (psst)2 for air-gapped environments like Tails3:

It’s a Python CLI application that uses Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme to back up a Monero polyseed. [..] Check it out, and let’s discuss how we can make the Monero experience more secure!4

Features & roadmap overview

[x] Convert monero polyseed seed to small hexstring
[x] Generate a set of secret shares (multiple groups, master threshold etc.)
[ ] Passphrase protection
[ ] Ability to generate secret shares from arbitrary data
[ ] Codebase enhancements for simplicity and clarity
[ ] Direct integration with Trezor's shamir-mnemonic for streamlined processes

To support the development of the project, consider donating some XMR to the address listed in the Github repository5.

Unkn8wn69 has also recently created a Telegram bot for Trocador AnonPay, as reported6.

Note that the project is still in ‘experimental stage’ and the source code has not been audited. Contributions from those with cryptography and coding expertise are welcome.

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