20 Oct 2023 [services]

Unkn8wn69 creates Telegram bot for Trocador AnonPay

Unkn8wn691 has created an unofficial Telegram bot2 that generates Trocador AnonPay URLs34:

Trocador has a great service called Anonpay which allows you to generate slick payment links for any Crypto but still receive in your favorite one. I loved this idea and I have been using it since and I thought a simpler way to create these invoices would be great. So I have decided to create a Telegram bot and I also made it opensource!5

Features overview

- Set coin and address
- Gather Anonpay url
- Get Tor & I2P links
- Demo bot hosting
- Reset conversation with the /reset command [..]

The bot is currently available on Telegram @unoffical_anonpay_bot6.

To support the development of the project, consider donating some XMR to the address listed in the Github repository7.

Note that the project is still in development and the source code has not been audited. Inspect the code if you can read Python.