10 Nov 2023 | Updated 17 Nov 2023 [services]

Trocador launches international virtual prepaid debit cards

The Trocador.app1 exchange aggregator has announced23 the launch of international USD denominated virtual prepaid debit cards4 that can be bought with XMR and other cryptocurrencies:

Trocador’s Virtual Prepaid Cards have just launched! Buy with crypto and use them as any credit card! [..] You can spend these cards on multiple online stores, as well as on the huge majority physical venues, as these cards are accepted in all credit card machines that accept USD international cards.

While the service requires an email, a name, a phone number and an address upon card generation, there is no KYC verification process.

Limits, restrictions and fees

 Mastercard: up to $1K/card (intl.)
 Visa: up to $10K/card (US)
 Not accepted by vendors that require 3DS authentication
 Only available to countries that are not restricted/sanctioned
 Convenience one-time fee: 3.5% of the total amount + 5 USD
 Additional conversion fees: ~2%

Trocador is also planning to start offering EUR/GBP denominated cards starting next week.

It might be worth mentioning that the current service provider’s website, myprepaidcenter.com5, is apparently blocking at least some Tor relays/VPNs.

To learn more about Trocador, consult the previous Monero Observer reports67.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: international EUR or GBP Mastercards provided by Tremendous are now available, according to announcement8.